My Social Summary

Get more from twitter with less time and effort

If you use twitter you have a problem:

• Interesting stuff happens all the time

• But you are not a robot

• So you miss out

My Social Summary helps you:

• Save time

• Focus on the best tweets

• Stop missing great content

We monitor twitter for you. We send you a daily summary of the best activity for lists and search terms that you choose. See an example

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Regular cost: £3 a month

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The story behind My Social Summary

I wanted a tool to help me use twitter more effectively, but I couldn't find anything that worked.

So I built one myself. My Social Summary tirelessly filters through twitter lists and search terms that you choose, and emails you the most interesting content. What's 'interesting' is determined by what people are liking and sharing - not by advertisers.

I use My Social Summary every day and I'm confident that it can help you too. So set up a free trial account and see how it can help you. (No card details needed for the trial.) Drop me a line if you have any feedback.

Martin Lugton, 2017